About us

The Romanian Association for International Cooperation and Development (Asociatia Romana pentru Cooperare si Dezvoltare Internationala) is an independent and non-profit organization dedicated to international cooperation and development related issues.

ARCADIA was founded in 2008 as a Working Group of the Global Romanians and Young Professionals Society (GRSPSociety). During the GRSPSociety 2009 Annual Conference at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Boston, a workshop was dedicated to ARCADIA’s development.

In 2010, ARCADIA was established as a separate and legal entity.

The idea and need for a Romanian professional association dealing with development and international cooperation appeared in the context of Romania’s 2007 EU membership. This new reality has brought, along with the potential to increase Romania’s relevance as an actor within the international arena, several significant challenges related to the politics, legislation and development and international cooperation policy. Romania currently lacks a proper research infrastructure in these two areas, international and multicultural education in schools/universities and a genuine dialogue on development-related issues in mass-media and society at large. These elements could weaken the prospect for a coherent and substantial contribution of Romania to the EU Development Policy.

In view of the above, ARCADIA tries to create a space for interaction and analysis of international development related issues, emphasizing Romania’s engagement with its international partners and debating on it’s potential as an international donor.