ARCADIA Board and Staff

ARCADIA Team 2013-2014 

Ștefan Cibian, Ph.D.


Stefan si currently visiting professor at the MA Program in International Development of Babes-Bolayai University and program development coordinator at the Association for Community Relations – Community Foundations Program. His academic interests are in international relations theory and development policy, development aid, international organizations, peacebuilding, global health, and statebuilding with a particular focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. He is focusing in his research on statehood and development in Sub-Saharan Africa. Stefan received a BA in Political Science and a BA in Law after studying at “Babes-Bolyai” University; “1st of December 1918” University; University of Salzburg; and University of Ljubljana. Stefan holds an MA in Public Policy and a Ph.D. in Political Science-International Relations and European Studies from Central European University. Ștefan has worked for the European Commission in Brussels and Dakar and has been teaching assistant at CEU.


Mădălina Prună


Madalinmadalina prunaa has experience in working with the European Commission (DG DEV) and the International Finance Corporation (World Bank) as consultant on trade and business climate. Madalina holds an MPAID (in development economics) from Harvard Kennedy School of Government, an MA in Communications and Public Relations from SNSPA Bucharest and a BA in Business Economics from ASE Bucharest. She has been a volunteer for AIESEC, ViitorPlus and ARCADIA and has worked on project implementation with Ballore Africa Logistics. Her areas of interest are: development of the private sector, development economics, competitiveness, industrial policy, methods of collaboration and institutions for collaboration, and behaviour economics. Areas of interest: Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, US-Romania relations.

Diana Rusu

Secretary General

dianaDiana Rusu holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science from the Babes-Bolyai University – Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, and a MA in International Relations and European Studies from the Central European University of Budapest. She has been involved in the activities of several NGOs mainly addressing the issues of citizenship and youth policies. Between 2010 to May 2013 she held various positions within the UNDP Romania: intern, project assistant and consultant and in 2010 Diana was awarded a scholarship for a summer school on International Development organized by the UNDP in collaboration with CEU. Areas of interest: post-2015 development agenda; the role of private sector in development, innovation and sustainable development.

Paula Beudean


Paula Bepaula beudeanudean este în prezent coordonator de proiecte la Fundația Danis pentru Dezvoltare Managerială ( Anterior (2006-2012) a lucrat ca coordonator PR și fundraiser, iar apoi ca director de programe la Fundaţia Română pentru Copii, Comunitate şi Familie. În timpul facultății și imediat după terminarea studiilor de jurnalism, Paula a lucrat în presa clujeană ca şi redactor şi prezentator de ştiri radio, timp de patru ani. Din 2008, Paula este cadru asociat în cadrul programului de masterat NGOs’ Management, susţinând cursurile de Fundraising for NGOs şi Marketing, Advocacy, Lobby and Volunteering for NGOs. Absolventă a aceluiaşi program de masterat al Departamentului de Administraţie Publică, ea a studiat Nonprofit leadership and community development la University of Delaware (USA) şi a lucrat ca şi asistent de cercetare la Center for Community Research and Service din cadrul aceleaşi universităţi. De asemenea, în 2012, Paula a absolvit programul de Executive Education în Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and Management: Creating Shared Value through Collaborative Sustainable Development, de la Institute for the Study of International Development, McGill University (Montreal, Canada).

Radu Dudău, Ph.D.

Member of the Executive Committee

RaduDudau2_SmallRadu Dudău is Associate Professor of International Relations at the University of Bucharest and Executive Director of Romania Energy Center (ROEC). He graduated in Physics and Philosophy from the University of Iaşi and holds a doctorate (Dr.Phil.) in Philosophy from Konstanz University (Germany). Radu had extensive postgraduate research stays at the Universities of Oxford, Pittsburgh and Harvard. In his policy-oriented research, he specializes in energy security and international energy politics. He is  interested in the nexus between energy policies and development patterns.

Luciana Alexandra Ghica, Ph.D. 

Member of the Executive Committee

Luciana currently acts as University Lecturer within the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Bucharest. Author of a book on the relations between Romania and the European Union (2006), the editor of the first Romanian Encyclopedia of the European Union and co-editor of the first Romanian handbook of security studies, she studied political science and international relations, with a focus on the global impact of the European Union, at the University of Bucharest, Oxford University and the Central European University, from which she also holds a PhD in Political Science. She co-authored (with Bogdan Mihai Radu and Lucian Vesalon) two learning modules in English on poverty and the global partnership for development, part of a European project to make the MDGs more accessible to students around the world ( Luciana currently acts as University Lecturer within the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Bucharest.

Marina Neagu

Member of the Executive Committee

Marina is a young professional with consistent experience in technical assistance to central and local governments on issues such as developmMarina_crop-CRIDLent planning and private sector support. During the last 5 years, Marina has worked in development with institutions such as the Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, the United Nations Development Programme and the World Bank. Her current activity with GEA Strategy & Consulting consists in assisting networks of private companies to develop business clusters and poles of competitiveness in Romania, drafting local development strategies for local administrations as well as conducting research to substantiate planning documents. She is also part of the World Bank team currently providing advisory services to the Romanian Government under the Romania Regional Development Progam. As academic background, Marina holds a BA in economy and postgraduate degrees in regional development and spatial planning at both the University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest as well as London School of Economics.Marina has recently co-founded the Romanian Centre for Innovation in Local Development, as a long term civic engagement to build on her network and expertise in support of local development projects in Romania and the region.

Bogdan Radu, Ph.D.

Member of the Executive Committee

Bogdan biopicMihai Radu is lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. He received his MA in European Politics from the University of Manchester and his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of California, Irvine. His research revolves around (re)conceptualizations of political culture in the context of post-communist democracies and their consolidation. He explores how political values and attitudes are formed and how attachment to democracy is constructed in East Central Europe. He is also interested in the interactions between political culture and religious identity, education, or different understandings of the political community. More recently, he became interested in the political values at the core of both the nation state and the international level and how citizens integrate these values into one (in)consistent value system.

Bogdan Stefanachi, Ph.D.

Member of the Executive Committee

BogdaBogdan Stefanachin holds two Bachelor degrees from the University Al. I. Cuza Iasi, one in  Philosophy (1998) and the other one in  Political Science (2001). He graduated the Master of European Studies – European Political Integration, Al. I. Cuza Iasi (2004), he was a Fellow of the Romanian Government Titulescu at Warwick University (2005) and in  2006 obtained his PhD in Philosophy ( Magna cum Laude). Author of following works “Legitimating the political power”, “The philosophy of the  new economy – a way of legitimizing liberalism”, “European Union Structures and Policies. A Learning and Teaching Guide” (co-author). Areas of interest: International Relations Theory, EU Studies, International Security.


Andra Tănase

Member of the Executive Commitee

Andra Andra TanseTănase gathers experience from having lived, studied and worked in Austria, Italy, Norway, Spain, Costa Rica, Romania and the USA. She worked in short-term peacebuilding and development missions in Moldova and the Transdniestrian region, Thailand, the Gambia, Nicaragua and Nepal. She holds an MA in Research Methods and Data Analysis in Social Sciences from UBB and another MA in Peace and Development Studies from the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica and has a background in Economics and International Studies from Macalester College in the USA. Her work includes international training and facilitation, peace and development research and programme coordination on the themes of peacebuilding and conflict transformation, lobby and advocacy, conflict mapping, development cooperation, development education, human rights, multicultural communication and organizational management. Andra has worked with PATRIR, the Romanian Peace Institute, and TRIALOG and participated in the Board of FOND, the Romanian NGDO platform and also was engaged as the vice-chair of the Development Education Forum of CONCORD. Her consultancy work included training and facilitation with Travel for Peace Norway, Save the Children, UN University for Peace, United World Colleages, Horizont 3000, Sudwind, DEEEP, Red Cross, the Romanian Scouts, and other NGOs in Europe. Currently she works with PATRIR as Executive Director.


Alexandra Timofte

Community Manager 

AlexaPoza Alexandra Tndra holds a MA in Development Studies and Ethics in International Relations from the University of Bucharest and another MA in Intercultural Management from the Department-UNESCO Chair for the Study of Intercultural and Inter-religious Exchanges Bucharest. Previously, she graduated the Faculty of International Relations at the Academy of Economic Studies with a BA in Economics and International Affaires. During her studies she has been engaged in volunteering activities and internships in NGO’s and also in public institutions, such as the Romanian NDGO Platform (FOND), the Romanian Diplomatic Institute and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, AOD Unit. By joining ARCADIA she is looking forward to actively contributing to developing and strengthening the network of practitioners, theoretician and scholars in the field with the purpose of fostering the role of Romania as a global actor in international development cooperation. Areas of interest: Trends in international development cooperation, Sustainable development, Global education/ Development education, Civil Society, Social capital and development.

Daniela Cervinschi

Project Assistant

poza portret Daniela C. Daniela Cervinschi holds a BA in Political Science and a MA in Project Management (EU-funded projects) both from Babes-Bolyai University and she is now pursuing doctoral studies at the Political Science Department of the Babes-Bolyai University. Daniela is passionate about migration policies and projects in which she works as a specialist in extra-European migration for two cohesion programs addressed to Third Country Nationals. Moreover, she coordinates a cultural magazine ACCENTbasarabean which is published in 2000 copies and distributed in 8 cities of Romania. Her research interests are: immigration/integration policy, minorities’ rights and intercultural communication, international cooperation and development.


Alexandra Sabou

Executive editor- The Romanian International Development Review


Alexandra Sabou is PhD candidate in Political Science at the Faculty of European Studies (Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca) where she is currently finalizing her doctoral paper on “Identity construction in the borderlands. The case of Georgia”. She holds an MA degree in Comparative Political Studies from Paris-Est MNVL and Babes-Bolyai University. Her research interests focus on post-conflict monitoring and evaluation strategies, nationalism, politics and economy of the South Caucasus countries.

Alexandra published several articles, brochures and chapters in books and worked as education counselor and regional event coordinator within Educativa Group.





ARCADIA Team 2011-2012 

Mirela Oprea 


Mirela is a Senior Liaison Manager at World Vision International (the Middle East and Eastern Europe Regional Office). She holds a PhD in international cooperation and sustainable development policies from the University of Bologna. Her PhD thesis (that can be found online) with the title: Development Discourse in Romania: from Socialism to EU Membership. Mirela also holds an MA in EU integration policies, as well as a BA in psychology and behavioral sciences.

In the past Mirela held positions at the European Commission (internship at DG Development), the Romanian National Volunteer Center, Pro Vobis (training program manager), World Vision Romania (international relations expert), TRIALOG (intern in the lobby office in Bruxelles), Telefono Azzurro Italy (international relations officer), Osservatorio sui Balcani (event organizer), Cespi (researcher).

Roxana Nan

Membership Coordinator/Secretary General

Roxana is a graduate in development cooperation at the Advanced Studies Institute in Pavia with a special interest in aid policies, programs implementation, poverty reduction and institutional development. She has working experience in Bolivia with Cooperazione Internazionale (COOPI), the European Commission (Europe Aid) and the Romanian Ministry of Justice in a technical assistance program financed by the World Bank.

She joined ARCADIA in 2010 with the aim of contributing to the building of a professional association that stands as backbone to the Romanian development cooperation sector as a whole.

Corina Ciambur          

Events Coordinator

Corina holds an MSc degree in International and European Politics from the University of Edinburgh. Her dissertation thesis specialized on EU-bilateral trade agreements in Latin America and included a qualitative analysis of the EU-Mexico Global Agreement. Corina also holds a BA in EU Economic Integration studies.

As past experiences, Corina managed ARCADIA’s first annual conference which took place in November 2010. She has working experience at the British Embassy Bucharest, the European Commission (EuropeAid) and is currently employed at PwC Romania.

She joined ARCADIA in 2010, willing to contribute to the creation of a strong network of professionals in the field, which have the power to influence and enhance Romania’s development cooperation policies.

Diana Tonea

Chief Editor for the Romanian International Development Review

Diana Tonea is the chief editor for ARCADIA’s online review, the Romanian International Development Review. She has graduated the London School of Economics with an MSc in Development Studies and has professional experience in humanitarian aid and emergency response operations. She has worked in Haiti and Cameroon as Project Officer and her areas of expertise are emergency response, and public health and nutrition.

Daniela Badescu

Research Assistant

Daniela graduated Business Administration in Foreign Languages at the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest and she is currently enrolled in a master program in International Cooperation and Development at the National School of Administrative and Political Studies Bucharest.

She is one of ARCADIA’s new joiners and currently her efforts are focused on the study Mapping Romanians in Development. Daniela strongly believes that Romania can become a visible and efficient player in the international cooperation and development arena.

Maria Obreja

Assistant Membership Coordinator

Maria follows a bilingual master programe ´Developpement et cooperation internationale´ at the National School of Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA), Bucharest (2011-2013).

She holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Bucharest, where she built her interest for international cooperation. Maria is interested in emergency response, humanitarian assistance, vulnerable groups, migration and the problem of refugees. Before volunteering for ARCADIA, she has interned for the Unity of Public Policy (Ministry of Internal Affairs ).

Maria joined ARCADIA because she shares its vision and values and believes in its role of strenghtening the domain of developement in Romania.

Stefan Cibian Ph.D.

Co-founder,  Auditor

Stefan si currently visiting lecturer at the MA Program in International Development of Babes-Bolayai University. His academic interests are in international relations theory and development policy, development aid, international organizations, peacebuilding, and statebuilding with a particular focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. He is focusing in his research on the functionality of Western institutions in non-Western areas and more specifically on development aid negotiations. Stefan received a BA in Political Science and a BA in Law after studying at “Babes-Bolyai” University; “1st of December 1918” University; University of Salzburg; and University of Ljubljana. Stefan holds an MA in Public Policy and a Ph.D. in Political Science-International Relations from Central European University.

 Codrat-Alin TecluPoza_Teclu

Liaison Officer/ Secretary General 

Codrat-Alin is finishing a PhD thesis in sociology for the National Fund for Scientific Research of Belgium on the Romanian development cooperation policy after the 2007 enlargement. He is focusing his research on the legitimacy processes of the Romanian NGDOs Platform. He holds a MSc in Development Studies from the University of Liège.

He joined the ARCADIA team in 2010 as Liaison officer for the workshops and plenary sessions of the first ARCADIA international conference in November 2010. In May 2011, he became Secretary General of the organization, a position from which he planned and implemented with the new team the strategic re-orientation of ARCADIA as a sustainable professional association involved in international development.