ARCADIA is the Romanian international development professional association. We target those individuals willing to become members of a professional association and interested in discussions on international development topics, irrespective of their institutional affiliation. Our association aims to offer a neutral space for debate for all professionals coming from various sectors: academia, government, non-governmental organizations, business or mass-media.

Our mission is to build a professional community in the field of international development. Also ARCADIA aims to bring a genuine contribution to the evolution of development professionals in Romania and beyond and to promote the field of international development at the national and international level. In this respect, our primary objectives are:

1) Strengthening the network of Romanian scholars, professionals, and experts  who work in international development;

2) Helping development scholars, experts, and professionals to further develop their competences in the field;

3) Enhancing knowledge and expertise transfer among members;

4. Publish  the Romanian International Development Review, an online professional review.