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Development, Trade and Foreign & Security Policies: How Can Emerging Donors Make a Difference?


November 25-26, 2010 | Bucharest, Romania

Call for Papers/Participation

The Annual Conference of the Romanian Association for International Cooperation and Development (ARCADIA) hopes to contribute to the current debates on the state of the discipline, research, policy and practice in the areas of development and international cooperation. In order to facilitate dialogue between researchers, scholars, practitioners and policy-makers, the conference is welcoming proposals for both workshops and academic panels on any currently relevant topic within these fields. While the panels will focus on academic debates, the workshops will facilitate discussions on policy and practice-related issues, exchange of best practices, and development of joint initiatives.

Development, Trade and Foreign & Security Policies: Can Emerging Donors Make a Difference?

The increasing number of emerging donors raises a series of practical, policy and conceptual challenges and opportunities. Whether it results from an internal or international perspective, either from a governmental or civil-society point of view, either from a political or financial stand-point, dealing with the implications of donorship proves to be a challenging task. Aspects like changing identities, re-defining relationships, transforming and creating institutions and building political and public support represent issues which prove theoretically and practically difficult to deal with.

The interplay between development, trade and foreign & security policies in emerging donor contexts: Both in practice and in academia there is an ongoing debate on the interplay between development, foreign & security and trade policies. Considering the context created by the emergence of new donors, this discussion is extremely relevant as development-related policies, strategies and institutions are currently being shaped. The conference will, therefore, scrutinize and analyze the relations between emerging donors and developing countries from the three inter-related perspectives.

New donors’ identity as development partners – focus on Romania: The shaping of particular identities and institutions in Romania and other emerging donors are closely linked to the recent processes of adapting to international donorship norms and contributing to the wider development efforts. These identity-related aspects frame the formation of development policies, strategies and engagements and therefore become relevant for their success. An outlook on the recent history and current financial capacities of emerging donors, within the context of their international commitments, transforms the realities of development partnerships into a serious challenge.

In order to explore the two main themes of the conference and the current debates in the areas of development and international cooperation we invite scholars, policy-makers, practitioners, experts and students to participate in the conference. Participation is possible in the following ways:

a) submitting panel proposals,

b) submitting workshop proposals,

c) submitting paper abstracts and

d) being part of the audience.

In order to do these please follow the guidelines presented below.

Call for panels: Panel proposals consisting of 3 to 6 papers are welcome by September 20, 2010. Late applications are accepted by October 1. Within each panel at least 3 different institutions should be represented.

Call for workshops: Workshop proposals consisting of 3 to 6 participants are welcome by September 20, 2010. Late applications are accepted by October 1.

Call for papers: The Organizing Committee invites scholars to submit abstracts of individual papers (of max. 300 words) before October 1, 2010.

Call for participation: Students (both undergraduate and graduate) as well as others interested in the field of development and international cooperation are welcome to attend the events.

The application form for panel proposals, workshop proposals and individual papers should be sent together with a short CV (max. 2 pages) to or

– Application form for panels and workshops.

Application form for individual papers.

Conference languages: Submissions, panels and workshops can be sent/held in English, Romanian or French.

There are no participation fees.

GrantsSeveral partial travel grants are available for students and young researchers. Accommodation can be provided for a limited number of participants.


Early deadline for submission of papers, panels and workshops: September 20, 2010.

Late deadline for submission of papers, panels and workshops: October 1, 2010.

Successful panels and workshops will be announced by October 10, 2010.

October 25, 2010. Registration for student participants. This should be done by sending an e-mail to :

November 15, 2010. Submission of complete papers.

November 25-26, 2010. Conference.


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