Training for young professionals in international development

Project title: Training Romanian young professionals in international development

Implementation period: 12 months ( December 2013-November 2014)

Total budget: 40 000 euro

The project is financed by the Romanian  Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Official Development Assistance budget and implemented by ARCADIA in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme-  Regional Centre for Europe and Central Asia.

The general objective of the project is to contribute to the development of the human resources specialized in the field of international development. Specifically, through this project ARCADIA aims to support Romanian MA and PhD students enrolled at  Romanian universities in strengthening their practical skills,  improve their academic research skills in the field, and overall strengthen the community of Romanian development professionals.

Projected activities:

1. Conducting a study mapping Romanian experts who work in international development. The study aims at:

(a) creating a global image of the Romanian experts community active in the field of international development, including specific thematic and geographic areas of expertise, active networks etc.;

(b) identifying and capitalizing relevant success stories;

(c) identifying solutions for increasing the degree of professionalization of the field.

2. Implementing a scholarship programme to support a limited number of students in conducting a study visit in one of Romania’s ODA partner countries. The students will be selected through an open competition of academic research proposals.  More information about this programme HERE.

Very important information: this programme is available only for Romanian citizens!

3. Organizing an international academic conference in Cluj Napoca on 15 June 2014: “The development approach of CEE donors: Priorities, actors and frameworks”.     More information HERE.

4. Implementing a mentorship programme for Romanian students focused on career orientation in the field of international cooperation and development. Here are all the details.

5. Organizing 2 training sessions for students in order to develop their practical abilities required for working in the field. More information HERE.

6. Launching the first issue of the Romanian International Development Review.

Comunicat de presa lansarea proiectului “Formarea tinerilor experti romani in domeniul dezvoltarii internationale”

The project report is available online.

Contact details: Diana Rusu, Project Manager (